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What is PHPFlasher ?

Flash messages are a great way to add some simple notifications to users of your website or application about important events that may have happened.

PHPFlasher gives a straightforward way to give feedback messages in the current or the next page to users with a flashing system.
The flashing system basically makes it possible to record a message and store it within the session so that it can be retrieved when needed.

Types of Messages

Flash notifications serves as a feedback & confirmation mechanism after the user takes an action.

success : Whatever was attempted did, in fact, succeed.
info : Some event occurred that the user should be aware of.
warning : Something not good happened, but it isn't an error.
error : Some sort of program error occurred.

Why use PHPFlasher ?

PHPFlasher supports many notification libraries : toastr.js, sweetalert 2, pnotify, noty, notyf and even show desktop notifications.

This library is designed, so you can take full control when creating your notifications :

Getting Started


PHPFlasher is a project by Younes KHOUBZA.