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PHPFlasher consists of multiple parts, each of which is a separate library. so you can install only the parts you need.


PHPFlasher can be installed using composer :

composer require php-flasher/flasher

or choose one of the following integration with :


composer require php-flasher/flasher-laravel


composer require php-flasher/flasher-symfony

By default PHPFlasher show its default notification style , but you can install additional adapters as well :

General Usage

If you’re using a framework like Laravel or Symfony, just grab an instance of FlasherInterface from the service container and just before returning a view or redirect, call the addSuccess method for example with the message you want to display.


namespace App\Controller;

use Flasher\Prime\FlasherInterface;

class BookController
    public function save(FlasherInterface $flasher)
        // ...

        $flasher->addSuccess('Book saved successfully');

        flash('Data has been saved successfully!') // laravel helper function

        // ... finally redirect or render the view

PHPFlasher is a project by Younes KHOUBZA.